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Burning Permits / Outdoor Burning

Burning Permits are required by State Law for most outside burning

ALL fires outdoors of any kind, other than for cooking purposes,require a written burning permit in hand at the burn site at all times.
To obtain a burning permit, or if you have any questions regarding the need for a permit, please contact Southwest Harbor Dispatch - 244-7911
You may also go online to Maine Forest Service to obtain online permit.
Burning Permits are issued when wind is low and fire danger is low to moderate.
Burning Permits will not be issued when it is windy or the fire danger is high.
Safety Requirements for all burning:
  • No burning within 50 feet of any structure
  • An adult must be present at all times
  • Hand tools (brooms, shovels, rakes, etc.)
  • Water supply if possible (charged garden hose)
Burning Permits may be revoked:
  • During a period of high forest fire danger
  • Where a nuisance condition is created
  • When permit conditions are not followed
State law prohibits the burning of combustible trash including paper, cardboard, treated wood, plastics, food wastes, etc.
The permit holder is responsible for following permit conditions and restrictions. Any violation of these conditions may result in revocation of permit(s), and/or court action.
The permit holder is solely responsible for any expenses resulting from a fire that gets out of control.
Permits may be denied or revoked at the discretion of TVFD or Maine Forest Service.