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Browntail Moth Mitigation Grant Available Now

Town of Tremont

Browntail Moth Mitigation Assistance Program
The purpose of this program is to provide Browntail Moth mitigation assistance to eligible households, and is possible due to a grant obtained by the Town of Tremont through the State of Maine’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Program Description
The program is designed to provide a one-time grant to an eligible household of up to $150 towards eligible expenses for Browntail Moth removal or prevention, including reimbursments for proper removal tools such as pruners, pole trimmers, proper pesticides, and professional services. Residents are advised to assess their own properties for nests during the winter months. The best means of preventing a browntail moth infestation on your property is to clip and destroy overwintering webs between October and mid-April. It is also best practice to treat trees before leaves have filled in, generally by the end of May or the first week in June. Residents with trees on their property that they want treated will need to hire a qualified contractor to do so. A list of licensed pesticide applicators willing to treat browntail moth is available here:

Funds shall be administered by the Select Board.  Revenue for the fund shall be derived from grant received from the State of Maine.  Expenditures shall be made through the municipality’s warrant system directly to the eligible applicant, after proper verification has been completed.  NO PUBLIC FUNDS shall be expended through this program. This is a reimbursement grant, funds will not be approved until paid receipt has been provided by the applicant. The Treasurer of the Town of Tremont shall act as the program administrator.
To be eligible for a grant, a member of the household must make written, application to the Tremont Town Office on a form developed by the Town Manager.   To be eligible the applicant must have:

  1. A pre-approval inspection by the Town Manager to verify Browntail Moth are present.
  2. Pre-purchase the supplies or services and provide a paid receipt before reimbursement is made.
  3. If pesticide treatment is used, it must be done by a licensed pesticide applicator.
  4. The household is located within the municipality of Tremont.
  5. An understanding that if granted, it is a one-time grant and the household may not apply again during the year.  


Application Process
Applications shall be made available at the Tremont Town Office and may be obtained from the clerk/tax collector’s office.  A copy shall also be posted on the town’s website for availability during times in which the town office is closed.  Applicants shall fully, to the best of their abilities, fill out the application form and sign it.  The application may be dropped off in person at the Tremont Town Office during regular business hours, or mailed to the town office.  Because an original signature is required, electronic submission is not allowed. The program administrator shall review the application.  If the administrator determines the application is incomplete, the applicant shall be notified and requested to complete the application. Once an application is found to be complete, the administrator shall contact the Applicant to schedule an onsite inspection of the infected tree. If an award is approved, the program administrator shall schedule payment once proper proof of mitigation and payment have been received, to the applicant on the next accounts payable warrant submitted to the Select Board. At no time shall expenditures exceed the amount available through the grant.

Policy Revision – The Tremont Select Board is responsible for the development and administration of this policy to the extent of its formation.  The Board, may from time to time, wish to amend this policy which must be done at a properly called public meeting of the Select Board.  Copies of this policy shall be kept on file with the Tremont Town Clerk and posted on the Town of Tremont website.